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Tips For Students: Easy Ways to Compose Good Essays

To the topic of “Easy ways to compose good essays,” first I would say, well, writing does not have to be hard, anyway, and secondly, it is more about getting started that seems to be the hard thing to look forward to.


First, let me say this—anyone, yes, anyone, can write an essay—especially with all the help on the Internet today. Read sample after sample, and you will see the same basic thing, a writer who has taken the time to put his or her thoughts down on paper and tinkered with them for a time to come back to the creation enough days in a row, when they felt psyched to do so, until the creation really reaches its apex. Let me tell you the only things I know to create a good essay and all of them—yes, all of the, will make it easier—much easier.

Plenty of Days to Write It + Just Plain Getting Started = Great Essays Every time.

And by that “.” I mean PERIOD.

Great essays, like any great creative thing from making pipe cleaner pets to making Christmas ornaments to painting a painting, like essay writing, none of those things come without a little time put into them. You cannot simply take the pipe cleaner out of the package and it suddenly shapes itself into a little Bichon Frise puppy. Nope. It just will not work. And, in reality, it is the crafting of the thing that is the fun thing.

The main reason most students turn in lousy essays is that for some reason, they sit down to do the thing an hour before it is due. Like they think the anxiety will fuel the writing. And there are just simply only so many paragraphs you can speed writer. And no hour leaves time for thinking, revising, and brainstorming even more great things to put into that essay.

My best advise is “go ahead and get something on that page.” Just the act of getting one thing down will fuel the impetus to put more, better things onto that page. And then, once you begin to WANT to go back to that page and make it sound even better, that is when the paper will reach the apex of it’s “essay goodness.”

The Perfect Writing Schedule for a Five Page Essay

Day One—Decide upon several topics that you know a lot about. Pick your two favorites that you cannot wait to write about the most. Write an outline for each or simply decide upon one.

Take a break for one hour.

During that break, think on all the things you would like to say on your own about your topic.

Now: Come back and do the research – if your paper does not require research, make it background reading for the project that will help you think of more things to say. And just because the teacher tells the majority of the class no research is required, this does not mean that you cannot add a great quote or two in there to help really bring the essay alive.

Day Two: Free write and work in some quotes that you highlighted the night before.

Day Three and Four—Write on and off for two days on your topic, a little bit at a time.

Day five and Six—Revise the whole day.

Start on every paper six days early and you will turn in A work or dang near it every time.

Writing can be fun.

Really. Once you get that anxiety off of your shoulders telling yourself that you cannot cannot possibly do this, something starts to happen – words keep falling onto the paper, seemingly by magic and you look down and suddenly realize this is your own writing evolving onto the page.

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