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How To Improve My English Essay Writing Skills: Useful Advice

Okay, so you are studying English. You are passionate about the subject and have no trouble absorbing knowledge. However, you are a little worried that your writing skills will let you down. I can relate to that. I mean, essay writing is an art form in itself and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Don’t despair. There is nothing that cannot be overcome if you put your mind to it. There are ways and means of gradually improving your skills so that you can write that killer paper that you know is lurking inside you somewhere.

Speak to your professor

Don’t be embarrassed to speak to your professor about your worries. Unless you are incredibly new to the course, then chances are then they will already be aware that you have issues. The fact that you are proactively seeking to address those problems will only make them respect you even more. Your prof will be able to point you in the right direction and may be able to structure things to give you the extra support that you need.


Ever heard the saying, practice makes perfect? Well, that is definitely true when it comes to improving your essay writing skills. Start with different introductions, and keep working and working until you get something that feels about right.

Get constructive feedback

Ask your roommate or best friend to read your work and give honest feedback. Honesty is the key. There is no point being precious about this, or getting offended when they say something that you don’t like. If they are a friend, they will not be unduly harsh. However, having a fresh pair of eyes critique your work is sometimes all you need to help you brush up.

Set up a critique group

This really is mixing things up and taking it to the next level. Setting up a critique group is a great way of mutually supporting each other while enjoying a little down time too. Just make sure things don’t get too bitchy and that everyone understands the ground rules.

Get some private tuition

If you can afford it, or your parents are willing to help you out then hiring the services of a private tutor – even for a couple of months can make a big difference. Your tutor will assess your present level and will then draw up an action plan of key areas to work on. Just make sure that you check out their references.

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