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How To Write An Impressive Expository Essay For 7th Graders

No matter what the student’s age or academic level, there is no reason why an essay cannot be equally impressive as at any other level of education. Students in the 7th grade are the ones who are now in that stage where they are slowly beginning to understand and develop their writing skills that will help them in future academic writing. Being assigned expository essays at this grade is common and here are some tips on how to make these papers stand out.

Framing the paper

  • An important aspect of any kind of thesis is that they are framed correctly so that there is a logical flow of information, and all packed into one piece of writing which means the word limit that has been set.
  • As with any other paper, this too should have a clear introduction, a conclusion and a main body of the writing which can then be broken down into a few paragraphs depending on what the word limit is.
  • Make sure that the introduction explains the topic of the paper while the conclusion ties all the major points that were discussed - together.


  • As equally important as the format of the paper are the content and the writing style.
  • Even for a 7th grader, the writing style for their papers should be as academic and professional as possible without relying too much on personal opinion.
  • The easiest way to make a student not include a personal opinion on the subject is by advising them to read up on the subject as much as possible and do their own research, this way they will be teeming with ideas and external references that they can use in their work.
  • It is important to remember that the purpose of an expository essay is to prove a point - whether it is a certain theory, a certain strain of thought or a comparison between two subjects. Using as much logical explanation through research is the best way to prove the thesis statement. Relying on personal opinion, frankly doesn't prove anything.

As mentioned before, there is no reason why a 7th grader’s expository paper shouldn’t be deeply researched, logical and a well written one. These are the stepping stones to future writing standards. By formatting the paper correctly, using references and making valid arguments - it is surely going to be an impressive paper for any reader.

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