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Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay On All Quiet On The Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front is a novel published first as a two-month serial in 1928 and in as complete novel in 1929, by the German WWI veteran Erich Maria Remarque. The story deals with German soldiers’ extreme mental and physical stress endured during the war, in their detachment from society upon returning home from the battlefront. The novel was later made into an Academy Award winning American film in 1930. Today it is a popular subject for many written assignment in college. Here are some things you should know about writing a great compare and contrast essay on the novel and film.

Organizing the Essay’s Structure

The first step is organizing the essay’s structure in an outline. Decide how to best approach your paper – point by point or subject by subject. It may help to create an outline for both methods and take a few minutes to decide which approach would better serve your ideas and argument.

Composing the Introduction

Like in any other type of writing assignment it’s a good idea to start with a hook that immediately commands the reader’s attention. It should also include background information and move towards a clear and concise thesis statement. Other students may be writing on the same topic so make sure your background information is interesting and different from what others already may use.

Composing each Body Paragraph

Each body paragraphs should begin with a topic sentence telling your reader exactly what you will be discussing. The following one or two sentences should provide evidence directly from either the book or the film. Next, present your thoughts and ideas on what the evidence means in support of your thesis statement. End each body paragraph with a transition sentence guiding the reader towards the next paragraph.

Writing the Conclusion Paragraph

The last paragraph of your paper should always generalize the thesis, as well as synthesize the information you have provided in the body paragraphs. The conclusion should show the reader that you have studied the subject thoroughly and that you have absolute knowledge worthy of the highest academic standards. It would help to leave the reader with a lasting impression to have a greater impact.

Revising, Editing and Proofreading

Finally, it’s time to take your first draft and make corrections through several steps which include, revising, editing and proofread all of its content. You should always complete each of these steps with a critical eye. There are several thing mistakes that can be corrected if you take your time working through each of these, making your paper a better written piece worthy of a high grade.

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