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How To Boost Writing Skills To Write Excellent Essay Introductions?

Writing an introduction to an essay can be a tricky thing. The introduction is a very important part of your paper. It is the part that will help take your reader’s mind off wherever it may be all ready and onto what you are writing about. You can’t just jump right into the subject; you need to take them there slowly. The introduction is the transportation that carries them from one place to another – the place you want them to be – and puts them in the right frame of mind to assimilate the information you are about to place in front of them.

Here are expert tips to aid you in the construction of your essay introduction:

  • The first thing to do is consider your audience. A great piece of writing should be targeted towards the person or people who are going to be reading it and written in the appropriate style, accordingly.
  • The introduction should answer the three questions: what, why, how? What are you discussing? Why is it important? How will you back it up? No introduction is complete without answering these questions.
  • Always hook the reader with a great opening sentence. To accomplish this, you may use amusing anecdotes, a surprising fact, a quote or turn of phrase, or even a few lines from a poem. These all pique the reader’s interest and will keep them reading on to find out more.
  • You should follow this “hook” up with some transition sentences; 2 or more sentences that carry your introduction to the point that you can state your thesis or idea. To jump straight from the hook into the thesis would be abrupt and confusing; hence the need for transition sentences.
  • The last part of your introduction is the thesis statement. This is where you declare what your paper is about and answer the what, why, how questions. This part must be written succinctly and clearly with no flowery or filler words included that could confuse or distract.

Composing your introduction in this manner is sure to grab your reader’s interest and keep it for the duration of the essay. A great introduction takes the reader out of their own world and into the world of the writer, just for a short time. Always be certain to put the proper amount of time and effort into your introduction to reap the best benefits. It doesn’t have to be difficult to write if you carefully follow this method.

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