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How To Write My Essay: Effective Strategies

Any job will be done well, if you employ certain strategies. It`s twice as true when you have to write an essay. Expressing thoughts in written form is vitally important nowadays. It`s not surprising that your teachers often give you assignments in the form of various essays. To write a successful paper means to demonstrate your ability to think logically and critically, your knowledge of the world and the problems that arise in our society.

Although to write an essay of a particular type requires certain approaches, we can distinguish the main strategies that can be applied to any. First of all, it concerns the steps your work should follow.

  1. 1. Decide what you are going to write about.
  2. If your teacher hasn`t given you the topic, you have a free hand in selecting it yourself. Revise everything that is the most interesting and important about the field of science your paper is connected with. Think over the message: if your essay will be informative or argumentative. Determine the type of research work or investigation you will have to undertake.

  3. 2. Draw a diagram or an outline.
  4. Organize the material that will constitute the basis of your paper in the form, for example, of a tree, in which the trunk is the topic, the branches are problems and ideas, and leaves present data, facts and means that will be used to solve the problems and enlighten the ideas. See that they are logically linked with each other.

  5. 3. Develop an argumentative statement.
  6. Mind that the statement is the core of your essay. State the topic and inform the reader what you are going to write about. Express your attitude to the problem, but not directly.

  7. 4. Write the body.
  8. Argue, explain, and describe the items in this part of the paper. Refer again to your diagram and make each idea or problem the central point of each paragraph. The good strategy in writing an essay presupposes starting it with an introductory sentence, substantiating it with proofs, examples, quotations, etc.

  9. 5. Write the introduction
  10. Writing the introduction after you have written the body will allow you to return to the argumentative statement and correlate it with the body paragraphs. Remember that the introduction should end with the statement. Effective writing strategies suggest beginning it with some interesting, shocking, intriguing information to grab the reader`s attention.

  11. 6. Draw a conclusion.
  12. Give a brief summary of the points of the argumentative statement stating whether they were right or wrong.

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