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Creating An Argumentative Essay On Using Animals In Disease Research

As the head of the food chain, humans have extensive control over the lives of lower order species and we exercise that right every day, either for nutritional, work or recreational purposes.

Historically and naturally, it is quite common for animals, like ourselves, to consume other living organisms for their survival, there also exists many relationships in nature where one animal benefits largely from taking care of another.

When animals are used for medical research, however, many people try to draw the lines and this issue has been grounds for many protest activities throughout recent times. In the following points, I will outline five topics that should be considered when creating an argumentative essay on using animals in disease research:

  1. 1. Why do researchers use certain animals for the experiments?
  2. Within the animal kingdom there are many different organisms that have vastly different genetic makeup and some of these organisms cannot be used to understand or properly test the new medical methods or drugs. Although some of the animals are cute and people may get emotionally attached to them, these animals are not endangered and are usually bred for this very purpose.

  3. 2. Do these activities cause unnecessary harm or discomfort to the animals or do they adhere to necessary practices only?
  4. Some people do share the concern that experimentation on live subjects is unethical but there are steps that these medical scientists take to alleviate all pain and any seemingly torturous actions. One must weigh the necessary pursuit of new methods that work rather than concerning oneself with the single clone white rat that was integral in the formulation of these new and safer methods.

  5. 3. Are there any alternatives to the currently used methods of disease calibration?
  6. This point is great to attempt writing your essay on as it contains many pieces of information that can be tailored to complete a decent argumentative paper on the use of animals to further mankind’s medical prowess. Most of the world believes that new and existing diseases and sicknesses should be studied so that solutions can be designed to curb or eliminate the ailment or handicap it has on all living organisms.

  7. 4. Should ethical concerns be considered more important than practical improvement of human living conditions?
  8. This is the question that has still to be answered. Some nations have different views that are not shared by other nations but the issue is that until mankind has substantial work to show for all their tests, we won’t have an answer.

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