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Helpful Hints For Creating A Teenage Smoking Problem Solution Essay

The level of teenage smoking has greatly increased in the last decade. Kids are trying their first cigarettes at a rather early age. They smoke for the first time at ten or eleven, and consider it a game, or something that will make them look like adults. Cigarette advertisements can be seen almost everywhere. Most parents also smoke and provide a bad example for their kids.

A problem solution essay on smoking is an important step toward bringing the topic to the public’s attention. Here you will read several useful hints that will help you in the creation of a decent problem-solving essay on smoking.

  1. 1. Use statistics if possible.
  2. Use information from local health organizations to support your text with reliable data. Write out any information you find regarding lung cancer that was caused by smoking. This will help you to convince readers of the problem’s existence and draw attention to your paper.

  3. 2. Add pictures.
  4. Sometimes it is permissible to use pictures in writing so that the readers can see more clearly what you are talking about. Try to find pictures that will suit your text. Luckily, there are many pictures on the Internet so it won’t be too hard to find a suitable one. Before adding illustrations to your text, ask your teacher if it is allowed.

  5. 3. Create charts and diagrams.
  6. It’s a great idea to organize all your data into tables and charts. People tend to understand figures better if they are well-organized. It is very easy to create charts using modern word processors. All you have to do is write down the numbers and the program will automatically generate the chart. Charts will definitely help you during the explanation of the material.

  7. 4. Illustrate the consequences of teenage smoking.
  8. It is necessary to write about the consequences of early smoking among teenagers. Browse the web to find out what the real consequences are, as they have a stronger effect than just using dry facts, which are usually ignored. Events from real life can have a powerful influence on readers as they experience compassion for the victims of smoking.

  9. 5. Write emotionally.
  10. Emotional writing is the key to a successful problem solution essay. If you aren’t shy about expressing your feelings, it signifies to the readers that you are genuinely worried about the problem that is described in the essay. Personal involvement with the topic is an excellent way to win readers’ sympathy.

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