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Writing A Strong Cambridge History Essay In 5 Steps

Writing a strong Cambridge History essay needs skills that may differ slightly from other forms of writing, but these 5 steps that ca put you on the road to success.

  1. 1. Read through the instructions very carefully at least twice make some notes while you are reading through the second time. Remember that this is a Cambridge history essay so you need to focus!
    • - Now may be a good idea to start brainstorming.
    • -Make a note of any key points that come to mind.
    • -Try to fill up page with as many connections as you can concerning the key points that you identified earlier.
    • -Which direction do you feel the most comfortable to take your essay?
  2. 2. At this point it may be a good idea to start thinking about your thesis statement. Remember that the purpose of a thesis is to summarize the key points of your essay and you need to do this in one sentence.
    • -As you work though your essay you will find that you are able to refine your thesis.
    • -A strong essay is usually based on three main points that you set out to prove throughout your work.
    • -Start thinking about the examples that you are going to use to support your thesis.
    • -Make sure of the facts that you will be using as supporting evidence.
  3. 3. Start thinking about how you are going to work your Introduction. As long as you know the depth and range of your thesis you will be able to introduce your reader to your ideas.
    • -Commence your introduction with a broad statement that make the reader feel that they really want to read more.
    • -Be specific; share what enthused your interest.
    • -Share your research pathway.
    • -The concluding sentence should reiterate your thesis.
  4. 4. The Main section of your work. As you have based your thesis on three main points there should be three paragraphs. By using three paragraphs this helps your reader to distinguish between the three points.
    • -Make sure that you treat each paragraph as a mini essay.
    • -The first sentence should introduce the content of the paragraph.
    • -The last sentence should conclude the paragraph and offer a lead into the next one.
    • -Make sure that there is a logical flow of ideas.
  5. 5. Conclusion, this is where you can bring all of the points and ideas that you have raised throughout your essay and relate them back too your thesis. Make sure that you do not introduce any new ideas or points.
    • -Read through your work to make sure that you have achieved a strong argument that is well supported.
    • -Proofread to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes that the spell check may not have picked up.
    • -Also look for typos.
    • -Submit your work with confidence.

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