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How To Organize A 4-Page Essay On Great Expectations

Great Expectation is a novel written by Charles Dickens, which revolves around the life of a young man Pip and shows his transition from his childhood to adulthood. If you have English as a major subject, then you may be given to writing an essay on this famous novel. Writing a 4-page discourse on a novel is not an easy job, since you have to keep in mind all the important facts, main characters and important happenings from the novel and discuss them precisely in your writing. If you are given to write on this famous work of fiction, what should you do? You should check it out on this site on how to write a discourse on this tale.

What you need to mention from the novel:

  • - First you need to read the novel by heart. Jot down or highlight the important points like dates, events and happenings from Pip’s life because you need to include them in your writing and arrange them sequentially.
  • - One of the main emotions displayed in this tale of fiction is love. Not only romantic love but a different variation of love expressed by the main protagonist Pip and the other characters. This shall be an essential part of your writing. In the story, Pip confuses between good and bad people; you need to mention that in your writing.

How to write a thesis on this novel?

  • - First introduce your writing by describing what the novel is all about; that it is an evolution of Philip or Pip’s life from his early life to aged life and that you are about to introduce the reader to the various events that will mingle with Pip’s life.
  • - In the body, write in short about the novel. Keep a paragraph for it. In the next paragraph, write about the various emotions displayed in the novel. You need to write about ambition, success and failure of the main character. You should keep at least two paragraphs for it.
  • - Give a glance to the other characters that forms the supporting characters of the story. Write on their characters and how they affect Pip’s life.
  • - Move on to the social importance of the novel. How Dickens describe the capitalistic society of 19th century England and along with that the urge for social mobility and the lust for amassing wealth among the people of the then England.
  • - In the conclusion, write about what did Pip achieve in his life, how much did he succeed.

Follow the above guidelines to write a four-page essay on Great Expectations.

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