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Useful Advice On How To Write An Essay Stating Your Opinion

Many books and articles that have been written on the topic of academic writing state that facts sell better than opinion in academic papers. Therefore, not many students will be bold enough to take up an opinion question as part of their assignment. However, with the right guidance, it is possible for any student to write an opinion piece that will be as good as if not better than the factual papers. Here are a few tips you will find very important.

Brainstorming issues

The key to a great opinion paper is debating about the events taking place in the society today. Great sources of information on such include following up on senate and parliamentary proceedings, watching the news and following informational channels such as the discovery channel and Nat Geo. These are sources that can give you great topics to think about and get essays on. Do not chose topics that have been debated on over and over; instead, select the topics that are fresh. If you must revisit the old topics, create a new spin to them.

Develop a thesis statement

This is a statement that holds a claim or opinion about a certain subject. Make sure that your statement is one that arouses the interest of the person that will be reading it to the extent that they will want to learn more about the topic. After you have come up with the statement, start looking for ideas that can support your claim. Since it is an opinion paper, it is not necessary to do field work. However, this does not mean that you can give information that is false. You have to try as much as possible to stick to facts eve when expressing an opinion.

Writing the paper

When you are writing the essay, you need to think about the wording used. Include all the data that supports your claims. Use connectors to express similarities and differences in point of view. Make sure that all the information you give can be backed up by research or other documents published on the topic. These tips will be very useful when you are writing a paper that includes your opinion. If you need any extra help with your papers, check out this service. They will give you sample opinion papers to help you grasp the concept. They can also assist you in writing the entire paper in a way that will earn you good marks.

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