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How Do I Go About An Essay About Technology In Daily Life?

When a teacher or professor asks you to write about technology, most of the time everyone will start writing about how much it can be a waste of time and how teens use it to procrastinate instead of getting work done. It may be a hackneyed topic, but teachers don’t enjoy reading overused ideologies either. Read the following tips before you start working on your essay.

Evolution: When did technology begin to emerge? How could humans go from groaning at rocks in Neanderthal times, to using smartphones? The answers to these questions can be included briefly in your introduction to serve as a hook.

It’s not technology, it’s us: Try to stand out a little by depicting how all the tablets and smartphones we have now are useful and they are not the cause of today’s common procrastination. There are plenty of teens out there who properly use those gadgets and are not staring at their phone screen 24/7. It’s a matter of how to use technology, rather than avoiding it. In fact, one must always keep up with his/her age’s technology and avoid falling behind.

Internet: The World Wide Web is more brilliant than we realize at times. Can you imagine preparing yourself to write this essay without an internet connection? Or without the internet even existing? You wouldn’t be reading this How To and would be digging through books in the library without finding anything that would be of use to you because skimming books is much more challenging that browsing the internet to look for what you want. Include how drastically it has changed our lives for the better and how we should limit but not put an end to out use of social media.

Safety and Health: Lots of people’s lives are saved on a daily basis on the press of a button. Technology in medicine has made it possible to operate on human beings without them being conscious throughout the entire surgery as the surgeon cuts them open. Imagine having to live through your menstruation cramps without finding relief by swallowing a miniature pill.

Deaths and Lifetime: Back in the ancient times millions of people would die of the flu. They used to live a maximum of thirty years. Now we can survive deadly diseases as AIDS and cancer, and some of us can live up to a hundred years. Pretty neat, huh?

Better than a ranting essay about how indolent teenagers can be, is it not? Have fun!

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