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Writing A Strong 8th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay In History

By the 8th grade you should already be familiar with the process of putting together all sorts of papers for history class including compare and contrast essays. Even so, it helps to have a little bit of direction if you feel lost at any point. This article should provide you with that assistance. Just follow the instructions listed below and you will be on the right track.

Familiarize yourself with the curriculum

This step is perhaps the hardest. If you have a paper to write and the deadline is less than a week away, it might be overly ambitious to think that you can absorb the entire curriculum in that amount of time. Still, under more ideal circumstances, a better essay will come from you if you have a clear understanding of the subject. Study regularly and keep up with the class. Better yet, stay slightly ahead of the class in your readings.

Read some of the successful papers that other students have submitted

Once you know the historical facts you are meant to write about, you will be in a more informed position when you read the essays that other students have earned high marks for. Make note of the better points they have made and how you can be inspired by them. Do not plagiarize. See how you can use similar techniques.

Compile a list of promising potential topics

The successful papers you read may have given you some good topic ideas. The compare and contrast structure is well suited to blending two good topics together to create a better one. Using this technique you can come up with many promising ideas.

Select a topic and structure a plan

Having come up with a good list of topics you can look for the one that stands out the most to you. Once you select it, start writing a plan for it. There are templates online to help you with this process. The plan is in many ways like a skeleton that you can add to in order to create a complete essay.

Edit and Proofread with an emphasis on fact checking

There are many types of mistakes that you can make when you put together a paper. With a history assignment it is especially important to fact check as well as editing and proofreading.

These are methods that can easily be incorporated into your writing process.

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