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Useful Tips For Writing An Argumentative Essay About Pro Abortion

While writing an argumentative essay, you are better placed if you take a side; you will get a clinical understanding of the tenets if you view it from a settled position. Your view may blur if you take it sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Say, the essay is about abortion. Now, you can easily tilt to any side; whether with the motion or against it. It is almost like the gun control issue. Let us for convenience sake, take up a side; what about standing for abortion.

  • Now, it is clear that a mother knows best whether she is fit and mentally prepared to bring a child to this sick world. Only when she is not; she opts for abortion. There should ideally be no argument on this facet.
  • There are also situations which pressurize her to go for abortion. The child may be a consequence of a one-night stand or at any rate, an out of wedlock case. Again, her financial may not advocate the birth of a child.
  • There may also be lack of awareness and resultant fear especially in cases where the would-be mother is too young to take on the pressure. In this case as well, abortion is the better choice.
  • Then there are cases where mothers have borne many children, thanks to the reluctance for contraceptives and condoms and feel that they might jeopardize the future of an impending child. In this case also, abortion is a wise decision.
  • There sometimes are cases where an imminent birth can be dangerous to the mother’s health. You cannot but accept abortion in this case as well.

Counter instances

Yes, there are instances where abortion does not cut the ice. Aborting on a whim or on a solitary advice from a well-wisher is not on. Aborting the child after 4 months can also be extremely dangerous for the mother.

It is however preposterous to cling to Catholic beliefs and feel that an aborted child is a murder and a deviation from natural course. We have evolved too much to still align by these anachronistic thinking.

The prior call

The prior call has to be that of a mother. The Government and religious institutions should always take a back-seat and should remain only for guidance and counseling in this matter. If the mother feels that the birth of the child won’t augur well for her or for the child; let her take that route.

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