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List Of Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics You Should Consider

Argumentative essay topics are given so that the instructor can come to know if the student has done their homework and research well. These thesis topics need to put up a good fight and be controversial in nature if they need to achieve their goal. Here are a few argumentative topics on controversial subjects. These can be given to students at the end of the term or as part of their home or even as dissertation topics, to see how well their ideas are formed and how well they are able to talk about a freelance subject. These dissertation topics have a lot of gray areas, and they aren’t cut and dried so to speak.

With regards the law some dissertation topics for research are:

  • a) Should prostitution be legalized
  • b) Should the drinking age be changed – either increased or decreased
  • c) Does outlawing of controlled substances increase the black market for those products
  • d) Should a woman have the right to abortion

With regards moral issues. The essay topics are:

  • a) Should animal testing be allowed
  • b) Should euthanasia be banned
  • c) Can people use hate speech if they have the right to free speech
  • d) Are atheists not moral? Is it that on theists are?

With regards social issues thesis could be written on:

  • a) Should immigrants have more rights
  • b) Should prisoners be allowed to vote
  • c) Should women wear less revealing clothing to stop eve teasing
  • d) Will online dating replace meeting the future partner in real life

With regards advertising the topics are:

  • a) Should prime time television allow sex to be portrayed
  • b) Should advertisements for tobacco and alcohol be allowed
  • c) How effective are public service announcements
  • d) Is print advertising already obsolete
  • With regards the family the topics are:

    • a) At what age should parents talk about sex to their children
    • b) Should spanking of children by parents be allowed
    • c) Should single parents be allowed to adopt children
    • d) Should children be given an allowance

    These are just some of the freelance topics which can be given by the instructors to their students during any part of the term. It can also be given as homework topics so that the student is able to think of both the positives and negatives and present his or her case in all these gray areas.

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