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8 Effective Tips On How To Improve Your Essay

If you do not have born talent to write an impressive essay, you can learn it for sure. Practice and determination can turn you into an excellent writer. Whether you want to improve your writing skills for your school assignments or for drafting a good content in your professional career, you just need to implement following eight tips to shine brightly.


  1. Place all your assignments at one place: If the articles are in printed format, keep it all together. If it is in the form of documents, keep it in folder at one place to stay organized. Refer it from time to time and check your improvement.
  2. Practice is the key: Write daily, whether you have any assignment to write or not. Regular practice will make your thoughts spontaneous. If you are a dedicated person, it will reflect in the form of vocabulary, phrases, awesome stories, grammar, innovative thoughts etc.
  3. Pick any topic and pen down your thoughts: Don’t think for too long, instead start writing what comes first in your mind. Do not figure out for too long. Start it immediately about the recent news, latest gossip, any happening in your surroundings, make-up, cosmetics, gadgets or anything else. If trapped with the usage of words, use some exceptionally nice and intelligent writing prompts to get the right direction.
  4. Draft and re-draft your essay: Drafting is the first piece of writing. When you take a break and come back to revise, the inner beauty of the writer comes out. Revision or rewriting conveys the message more clearly under that case. New innovative ideas and better presentation of same scenario can be seen in later parts of the drafts.
  5. Use online resources to correct grammar issues: Spell check and grammar check on, MS Word and Google doc are good ways to check your grammar.
  6. Write something new: Think out of the box and write on the same topics in more creative ways while honing your skills further and being more creative.
  7. Get your writing edited via an expert: It could be your friend, professor, online writer’s forum, colleague or anybody else. When another set of eyes have a look at your paper, mistakes are not overlooked.
  8. Find an aloof place for writing the essay: The thought process becomes more spontaneous and clear on such places. Nice stream of ideas do not flow always. Hence pen them down whenever they start emerging on your mind. When mind and heart works together, the written piece becomes lifelike.

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