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20 Interesting Topics For An Example And Illustration Essay

The illustration essay is one where you are supposed to explain the subject or offer an interesting description. You want to be able to explain something in a very specific manner. When you are searching for potential ideas you want to make sure that you have knowledge about your topic before you start writing, and this knowledge should come from extensive research. You don't want to just make up a point of you and stay it without any supporting illustrations or examples.

If you're looking for topic ideas consider the following but remember that these are merely foundational ideas from which you should find something better suited to your particular assignment:

  1. 1. Write about whether stem cell research should be stopped
  2. 2. review whether gay couple should be allowed to marry
  3. 3. provide a reason why the current price of oil has dropped
  4. 4. Discuss whether cigarettes should be banned
  5. 5. take a stance one way or the other that people find themselves based on the social groups with which they identify
  6. 6. Explain whether animals should be used for testing
  7. 7. take a stance one way or the other that lateral thinking is more important than having knowledge no matter what field you are currently in
  8. 8. Review whether marijuana should be legalized
  9. 9. take a stance one way or the other that people in power in the field of politics, education, or business should have a cap on the number of years they are allowed to remain in power and that Should be five years
  10. 10. Explain how electronic media has led to the downfall of print
  11. 11. take a stance one way or the other that the human mind will forever remain superior to computers and other machines
  12. 12. Explain whether public transportation works in your city or whether you need it in your city
  13. 13. Take a stance one way or the other that heroes should reveal the highest ideals of a society
  14. 14. Explain how you can properly plan a diet
  15. 15. Take a stance one way or the other that individuals who live a life without conflict lack any type of skill personally or professionally
  16. 16. Review whether the government should provide free college education
  17. 17. Take a stance one way or the other to the idea that money determines the virtue of a person
  18. 18. Explain the best ways to choose a college
  19. 19. Explore the impact of bullying in school and what can be done to avoid it
  20. 20. Review how to properly take care of a pet

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