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A List Of Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics On Science

Science is one interesting subject because it increases your knowledge about how things work and specially surprises you with weird facts and logics for household items. When you learn a new concept, you try to apply it to your own situation to verify and testify the truth. This is an interesting phase of your life and your quality as a human to explore things and reveal certain mysteries. You are not unique to this quality rather the entire race of human population has a tendency to question things and testify them. You have used the word “science” in your search, which indicates that you are dealing with it on a basic level. You have not questioned about physics, chemistry, biology or other sub branches of science because you want to deal with on a general basis.

When writing your essay about science, you need to make sure that you pick an area that interests you the most. This is critical, as you have to write original ideas and create a winning paper that will impress your audience. If you copy someone else, then you will not have the flexibility to introduce new ideas and your audience might find the subject redundant or boring. You have to choose carefully as you have competition with your classmates who are also trying their best to compose a great paper

The topic for your assignment can certainly give you an edge over the others because this is where you can hook your audience. If out of 30 students, 20 write about the benefits or drawbacks of science, and other 10 write about different areas then these 10 have higher chances of scoring well. If there is relevant grading system, then your professor will rank that essay the highest which is high in quality as well as original in ideas. Anyone can have good presentation skills even if he or she does not have strong writing. They can edit and get their paper edited to make sure they score well. However, the topic of your assignment is the place that can give you an edge

Look below for examples

Topics for argumentative essay on science

  1. 1. Science and religion go hand in hand to understand nature
  2. 2. Science opposes religion if you look at evolution vs creation
  3. 3. Science itself is not good or bad, it is about self-discipline
  4. 4. Atomic research
  5. 5. Nano atoms

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