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Where To Get A Proofread Personal Narrative Essay Sample: 7 Useful Recommendations

If you need a proofread personal narrative essay sample, we have some tips for you. The paper can be used as a model for direction when you write your own essay. Remember, a personal narrative tells a story, usually has a lesson or moral, usually has dialogue, and can be a bit more informal than other essay styles. Use our seven tips on where to locate one that has been proofread.

7 Tips and Recommendations

  1. 1. Look online-you can find a model online. There will be plenty to review. Just ensure that the paper is written correctly. Mirroring a bad essay will not benefit you at all.
  2. 2. Head to the Library-in the library you will find many things. You may find archived papers in the reference section. You may also find compilations of narratives in the reference section books.
  3. 3. Ask a friend-if you have a peer who is a strong writer then ask him or her if you could see some of his or her old compositions. You may be able to return the favor one day by helping your peer with an academic need.
  4. 4. See your teacher-teachers like to keep the better essays that have been submitted to them. Go before or after school to see your teacher. Ask if you will be able to preview those samples. You will probably not be able to remove the work from the teacher’s room.
  5. 5. Look in your textbook-at the back appendix of your writing textbook you will find quite a few example essays. Also check the textbook publisher’s online site. It has become common practice for these sites to publish supplemental materials. Both should give directions, as well as examples that have been proofread.
  6. 6. Hire a writing company-if you have the extra money in your budget then hire a writing company. You will be able to see part of the essays before you hire them and then the complete papers once you sign a contract and pay the company.
  7. 7. Hire a tutor –if you have more money left in the budget then hire a personal tutor. This tutor can show you samples and then personally assist you in writing your composition. The price will be rather high, but you are getting personal assistance as well as a chance to see sample papers.

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