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Search For Free Profile Essay Papers: Points To Consider

A profile essay is an unbiased portrayal of a distinguished person so that the readers can come out of it with a thorough understanding of nearly every aspect of the man. The essay is written in a particular fashion and shows no favor to the person in question. The idea is to present the person just as he or she is, without any hagiographic intent.

Strengths and weaknesses

A profile essay talks about the strengths and weaknesses of the illuminated person and goes into some length at describing how such qualities or shortcomings affected his/her life and the impact it had on the society (because here we are referring to famous people with quite an impact on the society).

Different perspectives

A piece of this nature amalgamates the opinions of different people on the ‘profile’ person. It tries to make a case for those opinions and objectively inquire if such opinions are worthy and unbiased or do they come with the baggage of an ‘admirer’ or a ‘critic’.

Influence of the person

The essay, in no less term, also talks about the overriding influence of such a personality and how his/her thoughts and deeds shaped those around him/her. After reading a write-up of this sort, the reader can categorically come up with his own distinct idea of the person and also feel closer to him/her.

Sharp and objective inquiry

The piece, if nothing, is a sharp and precise reminder of a life honorably lived and is as close an observation as can be made in a short compass of words. The point to remember is that a profile piece is never attempted for someone whose life is of negligible interest to readers. You can begin by showing the person as ordinary and then keep adding all his admirable qualities, behavior and traits to the pot, one by one, till the time a full-fledged sketch of his greatness is put ahead of the reader.

Finding free pieces

This is not an overstatement that you can get paid profile essays at the rate of a dozen a dime. However, dynamics change when you venture to scour free pieces out of the common lot. Just to give you essence of an idea, here are places where you may be successful in finding free profile essays for your reference

  • Personality sites
  • Relevant books
  • College archives
  • Newspaper articles
  • Collector items

A well-lineated profile inspires the readers to make something meaningful of their own lives.

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