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Writing An Outstanding 4-Page Essay On Respect

A four page essay typically comprises of three parts which are further divided into several other small paragraphs. These parts are introduction, subject matter or body and conclusion, sometimes bibliography is also included to acknowledge the sources. When your essay is about respect, it is advisable that you take proper time in writing so. Respect is one of world's profound feelings that exists both in the human and animal world. It is not born out of thin air but needs to be earned. In order to be entitled to respect your essay must follow certain points:

  • - The position of respect- human world dwells with innumerable number of feelings. In a social hierarchy every single feeling or emotion makes its own way in, ranging from angst to despair but no other emotion is as prevalent as respect. It may arise from love or from fear but it has a position that stands out. Every single relationship is either bound by it or has an aversion from it.
  • - Your own perspective- in this, you can be vocal about what you learned during your school lessons or from your parents or any overbearing authority. It is completely upto you with which emotion you associate the most. Respect is one feeling that had its awakening at a very tender age. Probably you discovered it when your grandparents sat you down for the first time and narrated stories from the past or the moment your partner salvaged you from a sticky situation.
  • - Your life example- there is nothing better than real life examples in your essays. When you use experiences from your own life you attain a personal level which works in your favour. The essay begins to be in tune with your life. If you shuffle through your past memories you are sure to find instances where respect had played a significant role.
  • - For example, the first time you earned it when you were chosen the best employee of the month in your office. You could describe the feelings associated with it.
  • - Describing adages- this could be a good idea when dealing with something that is abstract. You could briefly describe Aristotelian philosophies or Freud's.

An essay regarding personal values needs to be dealt with in the most humble and straightforward manner. In this fashion, you are not only able to fulfil the purpose but also unravel different truths and facets of your own psyche. And once you have enriched yourself, a new meaning gets attached to the essay.

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