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Reasonable Advice On Composing An Eighth Grade Expository Essay

There are correct ways of writing this style of paper at the level of grade. The students have had limited experience in this subject matter. Writing can take a lot of time and effort from the student. They have a lot running through their minds at this age. Understanding a little about how and what they are thinking can be a positive for the teacher. Knowing these things can give the teacher a more solid approach on explaining the basics of writing. This article will give reasonable advice on composing an eighth grade expository essay.

  1. 1) Before writing a paper the student should be the one to explain the process of what and how to write the style of paper to the teacher. This can be done simply by having them write in a couple of sentences the answer. This gives the teacher a better idea of where the student is at in the understanding field. Knowing and following the basic steps over and over will give the student a solid start.
  2. 2) The structure of the paper is knowing what is about. Expository-means to explain. Understand you cannot explain one side of the subject. To correctly form the paper means explaining both sides. The best way of going about writing this style of paper is to;
    • A) Read the material
    • B) Think about what the material is saying.
    • C) Write your paper.
  3. 3) Get a solid understanding about the topic you are writing about. This means getting familiar from every side of the topic. You can decide how you want to go about explaining the paper.
  4. 4) Organizing your ideas that you gather from the reading. Set them up in an order of importance. This way deciding on your topic sentence becomes easier. Use what you feel is the strongest and most interesting section of ideas to start your paragraph. Keeping your teacher’s attention means your paper has good flow. Get all this information together and start to write paper.
  5. 5) The conclusion should finish the paper. This may sound obvious but look at it this way. Does the paper sound like the writer is finished? Could the writer continue with another paragraph? When you answer those questions you will know if it is done correctly. Pay attention to never put in new information in your conclusion. There is no reason for it.

This will only confuse the reader.

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