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A Selection Of Compare And Contrast Academic Essay Topics To Write About

When you begin writing a compare and contrast essay, you need to have adequate knowledge in both the fields. Organize your thoughts and prepare a small rough chart that you would be focusing on. This chart will act as a small visual aid offering clarity regarding the step by step process. You need to begin with the simple list of equivalent but comparable characteristics for both the subjects. You may or may not add columns explaining why items look similar or dissimilar. After you have prepared the list of all single statements for making comparative analysis, write an overall assessment of your judgment.

Check out the list of brilliant compare and contrast academic essay topics that you can write on

Compare E Books and traditional books in terms of reading accessibility, extra convenience and additional comfort factor. Apart from that you can write a complete paragraph regarding the low cost of a traditional textbook and high investment required by an eBook.

  • - Compare the characteristics of Halloween night with that of Prom night.
  • - How you came to know that your archenemy is your best friend?
  • - Compare various weeds of flowers in terms of their physical characteristics, modes of pollination, their geographical distribution etc.
  • - How poverty is different from paranoia? How paranoia leads to poverty and vice versa.
  • - How Christopher Columbus was different from early astronauts?
  • - How Church sermons are different from that of campaign speeches?
  • - Do school bullies turn out to be dictators? How both are different from each other?
  • - Differentiate hurricanes from blizzards.
  • - How acting is different from lying?
  • - Compare the life style of 1970 with that of 2015.
  • - Which are more influential- books or music? How?
  • - Compare the decisions made by Goldilocks with that of Little Red Riding Hood?
  • - Compare the geographical areas of African plains with that of open areas of sea?
  • - How being afraid is better than being bored?
  • - Who leaves more impact on kids- the celebrities or parents? Why and how?
  • - Which is safe- bike riding or car driving? Why?
  • - Which seems more entertaining- spending time with friends or with parents?
  • - Why computer games are more preferred by kids than outdoor games?
  • - Write a comparative analysis of both the songs- “American Pie” to “The Star spangled banner”?
  • - Which seems better- the snowfall or the rainfall? Why?
  • - Discuss the benefits of big college campus over the small college campus?
  • - Which life is better- living in a farmland or living in a city?

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