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How To Put A Long Quote In An Essay – 5 Helpful Tips

When you use a quote to augment your essay, you have to be careful about how you use it. A quote can add support to your argument and make it stronger. It also makes the reader find interest and evidence in favor of your point. But there are certain rules that need to be followed when you are going to put in a long quote in your writing.

Five tips to help insert quotes in your paper:

  1. Cite the name of the person or source from where you are copying the quotes. It is mandatory in most cases and you will have to give the quotes within quotation marks but this is only for short one or two line long quotes. If you are going to break up a long speech and put parts of it in between your writing then you will have to use quotation marks. You may also insert the page number and name of the book if you can. This works great in validating the authenticity of the speech or quotes.

  2. Introduce the author before you give the quotes. Do not just start off with the quote but rather build up the reader’s interest. If you start the quote out of nowhere then the reader might feel disoriented. You can give the author’s name at the beginning or end of the quotation. If you are going to include it in the end then you can put the name in parenthesis.

  3. When you are going to quote quite a few lines you will have to write the quote in an independent paragraph. This way you will have the text separate from what you wrote yourself. Although no quotation marks are needed you will have to insert the name of the author, the book and page number at the end of the paragraph, preferably in parenthesis.

  4. If the quotation is going to be a poem then you will have to maintain the exact lines and structure. The punctuations also have to be accurate so that the original meaning of the poem is not lost.
  5. If you are going to omit any part of the original quote then you can insert eclipses or a series of dots to denote the missing part. This is helpful if you are quoting a long text from a book and do not want to include all of it neither do you want to create separate quotes for the same text.

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