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Composing A Strong Narrative Essay On The Vietnam War: Vital Advice

A narrative essay is one that tells a story in such a way that the reader usually learns a lesson or gains valuable insight about a certain concept. When writing one about the Vietnam War, an individual should take caution about describing a time or place that they have not necessarily experienced themselves. The Vietnam War was a treacherous conflict between North and South Vietnam, with the United States being heavily involved. To write a narrative about it pays tribute to a crucial time in American and Vietnamese history.

Collect Research

The writer ought to be well-informed about the key people and events of the war--it would be helpful to seek out a timeline of battles, the type of language used at the time, the weapons/technology used and the culture of Vietnam or the United States in the late 1950s to early 1970s. They can incorporate these aspects into their essay to make it as realistic and meaningful as possible.

Use the Senses

Though lengthy descriptions are not necessary and often boring, using colorful language throughout the narrative is not. When writing about Vietnam, an individual must refer to the five major senses. They should consider the sights smells, sounds and feelings that people would have experienced there. Again, this is done most accurately with research, primarily from other Vietnamese fiction and personal recollections and experiences from veterans

Get a Perspective

For an interesting essay, writers should focus on a single point of view for their narrative essay. In this case, it does not necessarily have to be the Western soldier. It could be a nurse who worked in the field, the wife of a veteran, or the viewpoint of a Vietnam civilian who experienced the war firsthand. The writer must think outside the box and decide on what would make an interesting. Additionally, they can write up a series of characters that add to the protagonist's story, each with their own backstory.

Pay Your Respects

The Vietnam War is a sensitive topic, especially because it only happened a couple of decades ago. It still affects the lives of many people who are alive today. The writer must make sure that their narrative essay is an accurate and respectful tribute to the war. While narratives talk about emotion and the drives behind each character, it is essential that there are historic facts that back it up. If the writer is not telling a story of their own, they should take great care to depict someone else’s story.

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