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A List Of The Most Interesting Personal Response Essay Topics

When you write a piece of content you create your own opinion regarding the text. Sometimes you like it and sometimes you don’t, but you always want to share this opinion with your colleagues. You have the chance to do this by writing a personal response essay. Take a look at these interesting topics and choose the one that is suitable for you:

  • - Your favorite movie. You can write about your opinion regarding your favorite movie so more people have the chance to know more about it. Don’t give too much details about the characters and the action, but try to keep it simple and directed to the general ideas.
  • - A new theory in a scientific medicine. As you probably know, science is not always accurate and there are many scientists who make mistakes. With this being said, there is no problem if you don’t agree with what they say. You can explain why you have a different opinion in your composition.
  • - One article that changed your life perspective. It can be a blog post on the Internet or an article in a magazine. Either way, you can present it to other students and who knows, maybe it will become important for them too. Explain why it changed you and in what way.
  • - The latest speech of the president. This can be serious or funny, depending on what approach you want to use. No matter what at least you will help your classmates know more about the political situation of the country.
  • - A verse from the Bible. You will have to take it serious and not make any kind of jokes. Under any circumstance you don’t want to offend the religion even if you believe in it or not. Write your honest and nice impression.
  • - Strange fashion tendencies from the past. Search for an article where designers present their new collections and find the most ridiculous, funny pieces. You can write your opinion and what would you change to make that piece suitable for every day wear.
  • - Online article about making money at home. There are many websites that tell you how you can make thousands of dollars at home in just one day. Of course, most of these are scams but it would be really fun to write down your first impression when you read the text.

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