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A List Of The Most Inspiring Essay Topics For High School

Do you face the trouble taking a start of an article? Do you stuck somewhere in your writing and waste your time in removing and re phrasing the sentences? The pauses in writing is not a big trouble as everyone stops somewhere and taking start of an essay is really a big deal. To make it easy what you could do is, select a vast topic. Your topic should be infinitive as you will get much to write. The selection of a good topic is another hurdle. Because essays are of many kind. Starting from compare or contrast, narrative or reflective, expository or literary, argumentative or persuasive, you have a wide range of essays. Depending upon the kind of essay one can easily select a good topic.

For your help, we have provided 35 most inspiring topics that will grab your interest. By adding your ideas to them through conducting a brainstorming session, you will come up with more 35 topics.

  1. 1.The right brain, left-brain theory
  2. 2. A tale of a ruin city
  3. 3.Function of kidneys and renal patients
  4. 4. Is hair transplant safe?
  5. 5. History of our planet Earth
  6. 6. My dad, my inspiration
  7. 7. My country is the best
  8. 8. Don’t want to be the winner
  9. 9. Say no to racism
  10. 10. Say no to child abuse
  11. 11. Corruption monster should be killed
  12. 12. What is polluting our lungs?
  13. 13. Relation of spinal cord and brain
  14. 14. Can your dressing affect your personality?
  15. 15. Religion and
  16. 16. Existence of dinosaur, Myth, or reality
  17. 17. 5 ways of winning your essay
  18. 18. How to improve my writing skills
  19. 19. What type of dresses a fat woman should wear?
  20. 20. 10 weird insects
  21. 21. How to avoid negative people?
  22. 22. How to say No when you want to say No?
  23. 23. How to deal with stubborn kids?
  24. 24. How to plan your vacations?
  25. 25. How to tell my mom that I love her?
  26. 26. How to tell my friend that he is a cancer patient?
  27. 27. How to deal with anxiety?
  28. 28. Who killed the celebrity or any industry?
  29. 29. Lifestyle of healthy people, celebrities
  30. 30. An incident that changed my life
  31. 31. Five habits that lead to obesity
  32. 32. Seven benefits of morning walk
  33. 33. How to concentrate on your work?
  34. 34. Mars and life
  35. 35. Why do we dream?

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