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A List Of 20 Inspiring College Essay Topics You Can Cover

There are many types of essays with several different topics. The thing is that they all are not just in one subject. You might have a paper for English, Philosophy, Politics, Medicine, and so forth. All these have interesting topics to write about. But what are the most inspiring topics that a college student can write about? What is inspiring to you? Here are some examples of inspiring college essay topics.

Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter, Animal Shelter & Soup Kitchen

Sure, not many people volunteer for anything but the most inspiring thing a young adult can do is volunteer. You can go on and on about how you thought the experience was going to be like this, but it ended up a tad bit different than you imaged. Inspiring anyone to reach out and help someone.

A Vacation

Many things can happen on just one vacation to change how you look at something or someone else. You can be inspired to really reach out and do something or write something or whatever it is that you are inspired to do.

A Celebrity

Maybe there is that famous person that really had inspired you to be yourself. You felt like their very words are directed at you, and you just know that they are a true inspiration for not only yourself but for others too.

A Pet

That one pet you had was really something else. You can go on and on about how they inspired you in some way or form. They say a dog is man’s best friend; is it yours?

A Teacher

That one teacher helped you out when you were down, and that is how you got to where you are today. You couldn’t thank that person enough, and so maybe you should write about them. How did they help you?

A Parent

Parents or guardians are pretty amazing sometimes. They might do something that has either inspired you to accomplish a goal or succeed in accomplishing a dream. May it be going to college or after it, is up to you.

A moment in your life

There may have been that moment where you sat back and thought about something deeply or that moment when someone gave you the words to continue. That moment could be that one moment you want to frame and remember. Write about and share that moment with others.

A movement

You may support a movement, and it has inspired you to take the steps needed to accomplish a goal. A movement is a powerful thing and can bring about change in a peaceful manner. Write about a movement that inspired you or one that you found interesting.

A Quote

The most inspiring object of them all. At one point in time, you read a quote, and you thought wow, this is really something. Maybe you write about the quote itself. Where was it said? When? By whom? And maybe a biography on who said it and why.

  • - A Hero
  • - A Product
  • - A Waterfall
  • - An Everyday Civilian
  • - A Journal
  • - Another Person’s Life Story
  • - A Discovery in Science or Archeology
  • - A new Medicine or Device that helps the disabled
  • - A Natural Storm
  • - A Rain Forest
  • - A group of people (islanders)

There are many other inspiring topics that any college student can write about. In the end, it depends on the person. What inspires them? What do they find inspiring? It’s not all the same for everyone. People can be motivated by different things. Find out what inspires you and write about it.

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