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Selecting Catchy Argumentative Essay Topics On Health

There are various different approaches you can take when writing an argumentative essay based on the overall theme of health. For example, if you are studying nursing or for a medical course then you may wish to base your paper on various topics related to the medical profession.

Alternatively, it may be that you are studying a subject such as history, geography, or economics - none of which are directly related to health, but can still potentially be the source of an argumentative essay related to the theme of health.

For example, if you were studying history, then you may look at how medical procedures have adapted and changed over the years, or you could look at various health-related issues that affected people in the past. Equally, if you are studying geography then you may wish to look at the standard of healthcare in various countries. Furthermore, when studying economics, you may wish to analyse and examine any financial issues relating to health.

As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can approach the way in which you pick a title. Therefore, you need to consider the subject that you are studying, and any contentious or controversial issues relating to it. Ultimately, you want a pick a topic that enables you to objectively argue a subjective point of view.

  1. 1. People who suffer from illnesses relating to obesity should pay more for any treatment that they receive related to those illnesses
  2. 2. All citizens should have access to free public healthcare
  3. 3. Rich Western countries to do more to help tackle the AIDS epidemic in Africa
  4. 4. More should be done to educate the population about the dangers of eating unhealthy food
  5. 5. Cigarettes have no useful purpose and cost billions of dollars every year in relation to health problems and, therefore, should be banned
  6. 6. The health problems associated with marijuana are grossly overstated and, therefore, it should be legalised
  7. 7. All adults should be required to donate blood at least twice a year, assuming they have no medical reasons not to
  8. 8. All adults should automatically become organ donors after death
  9. 9. Anyone who suggest that children should not be immunised - unless it is not appropriate on an individual basis -are misguided and dangerous
  10. 10. Euthanasia should be allowed in cases where individuals have terminal illnesses or severe disabilities

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