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The 15 Easiest Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Mcdonald’s And Burger King

When you need to write an essay you have to be quite careful about the approach. You need to work as hard as you can to come up with a niece piece of write up. The better will be your approach in critically analysing a thing or the topic the better will be your work. You have to constantly think about the entire process in a scenario and then execute it as you have planned. So all you need to do is to have a nice idea to expand.

With a proper idea you need to have a proper gesture of work. You need to know how to execute it perfectly and within a stipulated time. You have to know all tactics to make your work as perfect as you can. You have to know the genre of essay you have been asked to write about. Here it has been mentioned as a compare and contrast essay, so you have to know the basic rules to write one and choose a good topic and then can you complete the job perfectly.

15 compare and contrast topics on McDonald’s and Burger King:

  • - The quality of the work shown in the production of McDonald’s and Burger King.
  • - The prices listed for the burgers in these two companies and how similar or contrasting they are?
  • - The advertisement which they work upon are quite different in many aspects ultimately both intending to show something on burgers. Talk about it.
  • - The charity service of each of the company and how has it affected lives?
  • - The decoration of the interior of McDonald’s shop and one on Burger king shop.
  • - The size of the burgers in these two companies and how it varies with cost?
  • - The comparison of creativity and intellectuality amongst the two companies.
  • - Which one can be treated as a heritage and why?
  • - Which will be a better option if you want to go out with your friend for a birthday treat?
  • - Which one will be a better option if you want to have a family hangout?
  • - The one with an interesting logo?
  • - What things to compare on the quality of a similar product that is sold in both places?
  • - A lovely romantic outing with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Which one will you choose to spend the time and why?
  • - Caring for a good burger, which one should a burger addict choose in a hurry?
  • - Some good points and bad point about each of the company so that it can help the people to choose. Write an essay about it.

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