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15 Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Media And Communication For High School Students


How interesting an argumentative essay becomes is dependent upon the selection of topic. The more interesting a topic becomes, the higher the chances of making the essay interesting. Essentially, an argumentative essay is more or less a debate session. It therefore provides students with an opportunity of expressing their views pertaining a certain subject. The following can be important guidelines in selecting a topic:

  1. 1. Politics
  2. Among the best argumentative essays are those that are based on politics. Just like they say, politics is a dirty game and a very interesting field to discuss. Just like citizens, students have different perspectives towards political matters. Hence, a topic on the same can be a topic worth discussing. There are endless points that one can come up with as they try to support their argument.

  3. 2. General issues
  4. The obvious day to day life issues are also very good sources of argumentative essay topics. The good thing about general concerns is that nearly every person is familiar with them and thus can give a very good approach to the side that they are supporting. It is an opportunity to air one's opinion about some matters that are affecting the entire society.

  5. 3. Religion
  6. The issue about religion is one that may cause an endless discussion and argument. Different people have different beliefs and religions as well as opinions towards the same. Therefore, given a platform to give opinions, nearly every person will have a thing to say. An essay writing session is a favorable platform where every person gives their point of view uninterrupted by the opposing party as it happens in debate sessions.

  7. 4. Cultural matters
  8. The issue about culture is another that tends to ever have diverse opinions from various parties. This is clearly evident from the fact that each country has a good number of tribes. Each of these tribes has their own ways of doing things and hence forming a good basis of argument. It is the diversity in the various ways of doing things that brings about the argument.

Based on the above, the following are some super interesting topics:

  1. 1. Devolution is not ideal governance
  2. 2. Centralized government is best
  3. 3. Women should not be selected in politics
  4. 4. Democratic governance should be encouraged
  5. 5. Animal rights should be part of constitution
  6. 6. Leaders for animal rights should be elected
  7. 7. Abortion should be legalized
  8. 8. Pouching should not be branded illegal
  9. 9. Human trafficking
  10. 10. Animal rights and investigation
  11. 11. Colonization has greatly benefited the state
  12. 12. Life imprisonment sentences should be banned
  13. 13. Prostitution should be legalized
  14. 14. Female circumcision should be allowed for all tribes
  15. 15. Same sex marriages should be legalized
  16. 16. Human cloning should be allowed
  17. 17. All religions should merge in to one
  18. 18. Children should not be punished at all costs
  19. 19. Education should be made optional for children
  20. 20. Vernacular language should be made compulsory at lower classes
  21. 21. The education system should be skill based
  22. 22. Male circumcision should be optional
  23. 23. Drug abuse should be legalized
  24. 24. Death sentences for punishment should be banned

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