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22 Best Examples Of Unique Evaluation Essay Topics

The prospect of having to actually forgo the fun things in life such as partying and hanging out with your friends, won’t seem as gloomy once you actually have a little direction. Simply having the perfect evaluation essay topic can be enough to inject the energy back into your project. However, sometimes it would seem that coming up with the “right” topic is easier said than done. If this sounds painfully familiar, then here are 22 of the best examples for you:

  1. 1. How does using your cell phone when driving impair your ability to concentrate and increase the likelihood of you causing a collision? Evaluate how using your cell phone behind the wheel is likely to do that.
  2. 2. Evaluate the differences in experience between watching your favorite soccer match on cable versus going to the stadium.
  3. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of going to pre-natal exercise classes before giving birth.
  4. 4. Evaluate the impact that the current corruption scandal within FIFA is likely to have on football/soccer globally.
  5. 5. Evaluate the differing lifespan between identical twins
  6. 6. Evaluate a war movie and a contemporary movie and evaluate the differing roles between men and women.
  7. 7. Evaluate the differences between opera and ballet
  8. 8. Evaluate the messages presented in a US Soap opera, and then evaluate a British soap opera. What are the differences and similarities?
  9. 9. Evaluate the differences between American X Factor and UK X Factor
  10. 10. Evaluate the difference having Simon Cowell on or off she show makes to the X Factor
  11. 11. Evaluate the difference in mood when you skip breakfast one day or lunch the next. What is better, skipping breakfast or lunch?
  12. 12. Evaluate the difference in how you feel after having 5 hours sleep and compare and evaluate it against having seven hours sleep.
  13. 13. Evaluate the difference in taste, and overall experience between skinny fries and chunky fries
  14. 14. Evaluate the difference in thickness and quality between budget bathroom paper and luxury bathroom paper
  15. 15. Evaluate the experience of watching a movie with subtitles versus one without subtitles
  16. 16. Read the first book in a series and then evaluate it against the sequel
  17. 17. Evaluate Pizza Hut against MacDonalds
  18. 18. Evaluate the difference between a takeout Chinese meal and a sit down Chinese meal.
  19. 19. Evaluate the customer experience in Starbucks against a different coffee shop
  20. 20. Evaluate Facebook and Twitter and compare them
  21. 21. Evaluate Instagram and Snapchat and compare them
  22. 22. Evaluate the reader experience between reading a real book versus an electronic book

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