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A Selection Of 28 Argumentative Essay Topics About Society

A good argumentative essay topic is the one that makes you willing to speak about your point of view and defend it. Still, you should remember that the essay topic is not necessarily reflecting your point of view. You can try working with an opinion that opposes your own one. Below, you can find 28 topics that are offered for an essay about society.

  1. 1. The problem of pollution of the environment is the problem of social culture and information.
  2. 2. Death penalty is out of place in a civilized society.
  3. 3. Sociological surveys and analysis can reflect only a part of the public opinion.
  4. 4. Tobacco smoking should be banned in presence of children and non-smokers.
  5. 5. Security on the Internet is an important social skill parents should teach their children.
  6. 6. The existing system of taxation is no way fair.
  7. 7. Usage of street cameras is an element of total control over the population.
  8. 8. Too active usage of means of online communication ruins people’s social skills.
  9. 9. The society should give more attention to prevention of teen pregnancy
  10. .
  11. 10. There should be no other official languages except English in the United States.
  12. 11. The society should promote usage of biofuel and development of electric cars.
  13. 12. Same-gender couples have a right to create families and adopt children.
  14. 13. It’s necessary to increase the age when people can start buying alcohol.
  15. 14. It’s a good idea to try returning several single-sex schools as a social and educational experiment.
  16. 15. The society should be more attentive to advertised beauty and fashion standards.
  17. 16. All people should have equal access to higher education, regardless of their income.
  18. 17. Social rights of workers should not be violated by their bosses.
  19. 18. There should be no dominant religion in an enclosed society; neither should there be aggressive atheism.
  20. 19. The society should participate in bringing children up as well as parents.
  21. 20. Schools should provide children with enough information about both the scientific approach to the creation of the Universe and religious views on this matter.
  22. 21. Animals should not be used for medical or scientific research in a developed society.
  23. 22. The society should control usage of prescription marijuana strictly.
  24. 23. People who have exotic pets and cannot provide them with decent conditions should be punished.
  25. 24. Immunization and vaccination should be obligatory.
  26. 25. Biological parents should be allowed to see their children.
  27. 26. Everybody should be punished for intentional homicide, regardless of age or gender.
  28. 27. People should not be allowed to have aggressive breeds of dogs as pets.
  29. 28. Domestic violence needs much more attention.

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