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How To Select Interesting Personal Essay Topics About Divorce

What is a personal essay?

It has been one of the most influential and rich format of writing for the last century. It is a form of creative excellence and falls in the category of non-fiction. As the name suggests it is about your personal life where you can discuss about any lesson that you have learnt due to any particular incident. It is more a format of a reflective write up. But the only difference here is that you can talk about your own opinionated topics too not only about incidents.

How to select topic for personal essay:

  • - First you have to decide the area of expertise. Here you have been vested on to choose the topic related to divorces. So you need to know about divorces and all the effects that it has on the society. You might even choose a topic that you have felt about divorce. As it is about writing from your personal opinion so you have to write from your own point of view.
  • - Secondly choose a topic that falls in the area of your comfort zone. If you find hard to write about that topic don’t attempt it. Try to avoid that particular topic and devise a new one.
  • - You might even talk with your teachers or professors about the topics. You might come out with three or four topic on divorce but evaluate their value and scope of finding material from your teachers so that you don’t have to ditch your essay due to lack of material in due course of time.
  • - The choice of your topic should be done after you have yourself evaluated its value from the societal relevance. Your topic should be talking about the societal problems dealing with divorce else people won’t find it interesting. After all we all live in this society and it is indispensable.
  • - The topic shall also be of quite relevance to the world and the common people. Don’t intend to write for the billionaires try to write for the commoners. Try to discuss the problems with the commoners and the effects that are befalling on them due to divorces.

Some topic related to divorce:

  1. 1. Rise of divorce in the United States of America is higher than that of India- share your views.
  2. 2. The effect of divorce on the children and what kinds of effect does it have on them-explain.
  3. 3. Relationships should be tested before hand with live-in status, this would reduce the tendency of divorce- what do you think?

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