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What Are The Best Topics For An Argumentative Essay On Retirement Age?

In an aging society, the topic of retirement age may be discussed in great depth for a number of different reasons. For example, if you are studying economics or business studies, then you may be looking at retirement age from a financial point of view. It might be that you are looking at the cost of pensions and other things related to caring for the elderly, and how this affects the government. Alternatively, you may wish to look at individual businesses, and how they provide pensions for their employees, and what impact the retirement age has on a company.

Alternatively, when studying the social sciences, you may look at retirement age from a number of different viewpoints. For example, you may wish to look at how society treats the elderly, as well as whether or not the retirement age is too old or young.

In order to help you think of some good topics to write about, you may wish to discuss the topic with some elderly people that you know or, alternatively, you may wish to read through some of the ideas below.

  • - Due to the fact that women generally have a higher life expectancy, the retirement age should be higher for women than it should be for men
  • - With an ever-increasing population, the retirement age needs to be increased to ensure that pension payments can be made
  • - People should be able to choose when they retire
  • - The retirement age should be linked to how much people have paid into a state pension throughout the course of their life
  • - The retirement age should be higher for people who have gone to university and, therefore, most likely worked for fewer years compared with individuals who went to work straight after leaving school
  • - The retirement age should be linked to maternity leave
  • - The retirement age in the United States is unfairly high
  • - The retirement age is based on out-dated criteria and needs to be changed
  • - The retirement age should vary depending upon which profession or industry people have worked in for the majority of their lives
  • - The retirement age is so late in life that most people do not get a chance to enjoy it – instead, people should be able to take off one year during each decade of their lives, so that they can enjoy time off whilst still young enough to take part in various activities

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