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Chemistry Essay Writing Topics: 20 Fresh Examples

The reason why most people find it difficult to write about Chemistry is because they choose the wrong topics. In addition, most chemistry topics are highly related, but you can always set yourself apart from others by writing a unique topic which is clear and focused towards one main idea. The following are fresh chemistry topics to consider.

The effects of acid rain on plants in your home area

Nowadays, acid rain is common in almost every industrialized city, and its effects are especially dangerous on the growth of the food that we consume. Some little research on the topic would give you great ideas on what to write.

The effects of diet sodas on bone structures in young children

This is yet another great topic to write about. Diet sodas are common even to children, but it would be intriguing if someone did a research on their effects on the bone structures on the people who consume them most.

There is little research about the effects of pesticides on run off soil. And even where research of this kind exists, it does not answer all questions that people need to know.

How chemicals trigger food allergies

Though it is closely related to Biology, the topic on food allergies has a lot of chemistry that you can take advantage of.

Careers related to Chemistry

Everyday people write about careers related to anything but chemistry. Such an essay could be both informative and intriguing to all the chemistry lovers that will come across your article.

  • The chemistry that makes up cosmetics
  • Disadvantages of radon
  • The chemistry behind ink pens
  • The differences between baking powder versus baking soda
  • How chemistry is used to preserve food for months and years
  • Differences between skim and milk
  • The chemical components of different types of lava rocks and magma
  • The chemistry that makes generic medicines less expensive
  • Chemistry in forensic evidence research
  • What makes up liquid bandages
  • Is Marie Curie important in modern Chemistry
  • How yeast is chemically turned into biofuels
  • The effects of fluoride in community water
  • Using sugar for batteries
  • The Chemistry of aging
  • The impact of pesticides on run off soil

Virtually all of these topics are simple to write about if at all you have the will and time to research on them. The best way to choose the best topic in chemistry is to pick a topic that you really love, or one that revolves around your life.

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